I’m Not a Fan of Homeschool Co-ops

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In the first few years that I homeschooled my children, I heard about homeschool co-ops and how great they were for kids. My kids were too young to participate at the time, but I was sure that it would be a great opportunity that we would take advantage of when they were old enough.

I'm Not a Fan of Homeschool Co-ops - By Misty Leask

When the time came that I thought they were old enough and ready to begin taking part in homeschool co-ops, I began looking into the options we had in our area. I wanted to know specifics like; how much it was going to cost per child, what exactly they were going to accomplish, where the classes were going to take place, who was going to teach, how often would the classes take place, etc.

After spending sometime doing research, running the numbers to figure out exactly how much it was going to cost me both in time and dollars and cents, as well as what we would be giving up to participate in homeschool co-ops, I discovered that I actually wasn’t a fan of homeschool co-ops.

There were many opportunities for my children, classes that they would have without a doubt enjoyed, countless hours spent with children their own age, etc. Yet, there were many other things to consider and those outweighed the good for our family.

You can find out 5 reasons why I’m not a fan of homeschool co-ops, by stopping by True Aim Education.

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