Making Field Trips Benefit Your Homeschool

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The time that homeschool moms put into planning activities needs to benefit their homeschool in many ways. Field trips are an added activity that many might deem unnecessary, however they can be extremely beneficial! It takes just a bit of consideration and a few details to ensure you’re making field trips beneficial to your homeschool!

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What I love most about taking my children on field trips is that they allow my kids to be kids. There aren’t any textbooks needing to be read or questions to be answered. Field trips allow kids the opportunity to learn outside the pages of a textbooks therefore truly experiencing learning. 

We don’t always have the ability financially to just head out on field trips whenever I’d like. It is in those times when I have to be sure that I’m making field trips beneficial to our homeschool in order to justify the cost.

Making Field Trips Beneficial to Your Homeschool

  • Coordinate them with subjects or topics you’re studying
  • Utilize them as homeschool days for state requirements
  • Have students keep a field trip journal
  • Cultivate research skills prior to your field trips
  • Strengthen writing abilities by giving writing assignments
  • Teach organization by assigning the task of planning a field trip

When finances aren’t a concern and I know that we need a change of scenery, I don’t take much time to plan out our field trips. Thankfully planning isn’t required for making field trips beneficial to your homeschool because it often happens naturally!

5 Ways Field Trips are Naturally Beneficial to Your Homeschool

  • Provide a break from every day homeschool life
  • Give your kids the opportunity to learn something new
  • Experience based learning trumps textbook learning any day
  • Plan a trip with your kids’ friends to build relationships
  • Practice time for how to behave in a public setting

Field trips are meant to be a fun experience for everyone. Don’t let that be lost in the midst of all your planning.

I love to take my kids on field trips because I enjoy them as well. The time I put into planning homeschool field trips is well spent because I know that field trips are beneficial to our homeschooling journey.

What ways do you find that field trips are beneficial to your homeschool?

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