The Most Important Step of Homeschool Planning

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I love shopping for new homeschool curriculum! The thrill of finding new things for my kids to learn pushes me on each homeschool year. I pour through catalogs, dig through websites, read reviews and research for hours before discussing any possible changes to our homeschool with my husband and my children.

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Over the years I’ve learned that new/different curriculum, homeschooling methods or schedules often sound amazing, but if they aren’t right for my family we will be miserable no matter how amazing they are for other homeschool families. After having made the mistake of choosing the “wrong” homeschool curriculum, method and even schedules a few times, I realized that I was skipping the most important step of the homeschool planning process.

The Most Important Step of Homeschool Planning…


It is easy to get excited about new homeschool curriculum, methods or even schedules. Still, often I make plans before taking them to God in prayer ensuring that it is the path He had designed for me, my kids and our entire family.

I always have my kids’ best interest in mind and heart when I am shopping or making plans for our homeschool, but my best-made plans fall extremely short of God’s.

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It can seem impossible to find the right resources among the countless homeschool curriculum choices available to us today. However, I assure you that if you take the time to seek the Lord’s direction for your homeschool curriculum, He will direct you to the perfect one(s) for your family.

Homeschooling methods can seem unnecessary or confusing. Yet, when God directs you to let go of your child’s education a bit or add more structure to your homeschool days, you’ll know how freeing they actually can be when you follow His will. You just have to reach out and ask Him what His will is for your homeschooling journey.

Setting up the perfect homeschool schedule for your family can seem impossible with all of the plates you have to balance. A set daily schedule may be the answer for you, while extreme flexibility could be the one for me, God knows exactly what each of our families needs. He is waiting for you and me to seek Him in prayer.

I am praying for you, your kids, your family and your homeschooling journey.

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