Outdoor Art Challenge

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Art is not my specialty. I truly love art…it is the creating of it that I’m not so good at. This Outdoor Art Challenge is not only fun, but it is great for even the most unartistic, like me!

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The more time your kids spend outside the better, in my opinion. Fresh air, exploration, imagination and even a bit of boredom sometimes make for great independent learning (and growing!) time. 

Since I am no artist, art was always a class that we did outside in our homeschool. I knew that I couldn’t trust myself to not make a mess, so how could I expect my kids to do so?

One of the best resources for creating outdoor art is nature. My kids always enjoyed gathering sticks, stones, leaves, flowers and more when working on art projects. 

You don’t always have to create art that features nature as part of an outdoor art class, but nature is full of amazing inspirations! 

This Outdoor Art Challenge Calendar is a resource that the entire family can enjoy to create memories together! You’ll use nature to create art, paint rocks, decorate the sidewalk and much more!

For even more monthly challenges to use throughout the coming year, be sure to check out my store page here. 

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