Is Outschool Right for Homeschoolers?

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Homeschooling has become increasingly popular in recent years, as has virtual learning through online classes. Outschool is one of the popular online learning sites, but is it really worth signing your homeschoolers up for a class? 

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When my children entered the tween/middle school years, I began using more online learning resources than I had when they were younger. My son’s love for forensic science is what brought us to using Outschool

It was a great experience for him and I’m certain it helped prepare him for college. In addition, I was grateful for the opportunity for him to learn about a subject that he was passionate about from someone who was an expert in the field. 

After utilizing this resource, there are a few things for you to consider as you decide if Outschool is right for your family’s homeschooling journey. 

4 Reasons to Consider Outschool for Your Homeschoolers

  • Educational

Outschool teachers are vetted through background checks and are residents of the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand. Although they do not have to have a teaching certificate or formal training in education, many do. There are teachers who came from a brick-and-mortar classroom setting and have chosen to pursue their teaching from home.

When you are shopping for classes, you can read about the teachers’ expertise and why you might want your homeschoolers to take their classes. The classes inform you and your learner exactly what the class will be about, what your child will be expected to learn, and what kind of assessment (if any) will be given to see what has been gleaned from the class.

There are many classes that run full semesters as you would find in any classroom, brick-and-mortar school or homeschool. There are also classes that stand-alone unattached to other classes so that your child can learn something new. 

  • Supplemental

You can sign up for full-semester classes, ongoing classes that meet on a regular basis, or you can sign up for a one-time class. As a homeschool parent, the supplemental classes might be just the thing for you. For instance: hate teaching math? Get confused with long division? Outschool has a class for that.

The perspective of another teacher or the addition of different teaching approaches may be just the ticket to get that breakthrough of understanding. There are many classes to supplement math, history, writing, grammar, science, and just about anything else you can think of.

  • Social

Recently, many social classes have sprung up on Outschool giving kids the opportunity to meet and see friends virtually. Teachers can host a social class where students can come and meet new and old friends to visit. Sometimes there is a theme for the class, like where everyone builds with play-doh and talks about what they’re working on.

There are classes themed around anything you can think of from cooking to Medieval history to fictional characters in tv, movies, video games, and books, and many more. Even though we can’t really meet in person right now, having a place to meet others is essential. 

  • Entertainment

Outschool classes can just be plain fun, too. Your homeschoolers need a break from the daily lesson grind. Perhaps they have an interest in cooking, art, or Greek mythology that you don’t share or aren’t an expert in.

Let your students take a class that pursues their interests. Your student will take these classes from someone who is passionate about the material and will get your student so excited that they can’t help but tell you all about what they learned in class.

There are also some Outschool teachers who set up birthday parties or games like escape rooms where your children can play and explore with others. These games are different from what they can do at home on their own, so it is another way to entertain your homeschoolers who aren’t able to pursue their normal interests outside of the home right now. 

Outschool has become more popular lately with homeschoolers. This resource gives us the opportunity to find some great classes for our children.

There are so many classes to choose from to lighten your load as a teacher, supplement what you’re already teaching, give your kids a social outlet, or just let them have fun. Outschool teachers are so excited to get to teach your children. Go check it out and give a class a try!

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