Does My Homeschool Need a Tutor?

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Recognizing the fact that your homeschool might need a tutor is important. After all, as we tell our children, no one knows everything..and that includes homeschool moms. 

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It is important to remember that your child’s education is what matters most on your journey as a homeschool mom. If hiring a tutor will benefit them both now and in the long run, it will be worth it. 

3 Questions to Ask if You’re Considering a Tutor for Your Homeschool

Is a tutor right for my children?

The first thing you need to consider in thinking about finding a tutor for your children is what you want a tutor to help with. Does your child struggle in a particular subject? Does your child need advanced education in a certain area? For these reasons and more, you may want a tutor for your child. 

You should include your child in the decision-making process of deciding whether to look for a tutor. Your child may agree that a tutor would be helpful or perhaps they want to try something else first. You can always look into working with a tutor and decide later that it isn’t for you and your family. 

Is a tutor right for me?

You have to consider this question when you are considering that your homeschool might need a tutor. Are you comfortable with hiring a tutor to assist in your child’s education? Be real with yourself in deciding what you would like a tutor to help with. Very few of us have the education and training to teach every single thing our children could possibly be interested in at any given time. Most of us have multiple children we’re homeschooling and may not have the resources to devote to extraneous interests. 

Do not feel bad for thinking about getting a tutor for your kids! If you’re thinking about getting a tutor for your children because there are subjects where you just don’t communicate well, or you just don’t know how to communicate the material, you are not alone. We have all been there, banging our heads against the wall wondering if there’s another way to teach long division. Sometimes it is healthy to let things go and allow someone who is an expert in their area to assist us in educating our children. 

What questions do I need to ask a potential tutor?

Once you decide you’d like to look into getting a tutor for your kids, you need to keep several things in mind throughout your search. 

  • What are the tutor’s qualifications? 
  • Does the tutor have references from other clients they’ve tutored?
  • Where and how will the tutoring take place?
  • How often and how long will the tutor be available?
  • Does the tutor think they can help your child?
  • How will progress be measured?
  • What questions does your tutor have for you? (They need to make sure it’s a good fit, too!)

In interviewing tutors, you have to find someone that your child is comfortable with, someone that you’re comfortable with and someone who can actually help attain your goals. It is best to start on a trial basis with a tutor to make sure that everything works out as you would hope and that your child’s needs are being met. 

Your child and homeschool might thrive having a tutor. There are many tutors out there, free and paid options, covering a multitude of different topics and areas of interest. Do not feel bad about hiring a tutor for an area that you aren’t comfortable teaching, it can help strengthen your child’s education. Dive in and find a tutor!

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