Phonics with Penmanship – A Full Year Preschool Age Program

Looking back over my life and considering all that I’ve accomplished, I can honestly say that one of my life’s greatest accomplishments has been teaching my children to read. There is no greater feeling of joy that you can experience than hearing your child read their first words on their own knowing that you taught them how to read.

The journey always begins with the simple ABCs, but there is so much more that goes into giving your child the tools they will need to read throughout their lifetime. It can be a challenging task if you don’t have the tools that you need to teach your child to read. That is why I created a phonics program, Phonics with Penmanship and Phonics with Penmanship: Phonetic Combinations, to help homeschool moms teach their children to not only read, but to instill an actual love for reading!

When our children know how to read, it becomes something they enjoy rather than just a task that they must complete.

Phonics with Penmanship is a full year preschool age program that teaches your child each sound that every letter makes. It isn’t enough just to teach them the ABCs or that A is for Apple, B is for Bear, etc.. There are many letters of the alphabet that make multiple sounds and if children don’t know all of them, they will struggle to read words that are new to them.

In addition to teaching the multiple sounds that each letter of the alphabet makes, Phonics with Penmanship teaches children to associate the sound that each letter makes with writing the letter itself. Reading requires sight and sound, so it is essential that our children learn both together in order to be able to read successfully and enjoy it throughout their lives!

Phonics with Penmanship – A Full Year Preschool Age Program

Phonics with Penmanship is much more than just a workbook for your children to complete! It is a full year preschool age phonics program designed to help homeschool moms teach their children to read while having fun!

Phonics with Penmanship Curriculum Features:

Teacher’s Manual

40 Weeks of Lesson Plans featuring:

Phonetic pronunciation

Learning objective

Student workbook instructions

20+ resources for crafts, recipes, activities, printables and books hand picked for each week’s lesson

Student Workbook

40 Weeks of worksheets featuring:

Letter of the week penmanship pages

Word(s) of the week penmanship pages

Phonics Cards

Student Phonics Cards (26)

Feature each letter of the alphabet with fun graphic

Teacher Phonics Cards (26)

Feature the letter, all of the phonetic sounds it makes and the words students focus on for each specific sound

To see a sample of the curriculum please, click here.


When you purchase Phonics with Penmanship you’ll also receive activity books for each week of the curriculum that include activities such as puzzles, counting cards, penmanship practice and much more!  

Don’t just stop with the ABCs! Check out year two – Phonetic Combinations!

Free Resources, Encouragement and Tips.