Solar Eclipse Unit Study

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Do you know what a solar eclipse is? Do you know why it happens? Do you know the difference between a partial solar eclipse, a total solar eclipse, and a lunar eclipse? You will find the answers to these questions in this unit study.

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Solar Eclipse Unit Study

Are you wanting to prepare for the next solar eclipse, on April 8, 2024? The path of totality for this eclipse will be longer than usual because the moon will be so close to the Earth. It is estimated that approximately 44 million people will be in the path of totality, ranging from Texas to New England.

In this Solar Eclipse Unit Study, you will learn what a solar eclipse is, the kinds of eclipses we see, and what are the umbra, penumbra, and corona.

Included in this study are resources for literature, art, crafts, cooking, and STEM/science projects to make learning about solar eclipses fun and memorable for you and your children.

Are you ready? Be sure to invest in a pair of NASA-approved solar eclipse glasses, and let’s get ready!


What is a Solar Eclipse

What is an Eclipse (Grades 5-8)

Solar Eclipse Facts for Kids

10 Things to Tell Your Kids About the Solar Eclipse

Why Total Solar Eclipses Are So Rare

A Lesson on the Solar Eclipse for Kids!

How to Watch the Solar Eclipse With Kids




Solar Eclipse Craft for Kids

Do-It-Yourself Time Capsules

Total Solar Eclipse Painted Plates

How to Paint a Solar Eclipse




Eclipse Activity for Kids

STEM Activity: Build a Pinhole Projector

DIY Solar Eclipse Glow-in-the-Dark T-Shirt

Coffee Filter Solar Eclipse Craft


Creating Eclipses in the Classroom

Teaching Kids About the Solar Eclipses

Model a Solar Eclipse





Eclipse Pancakes

Solar Eclipse Snack

Oreo Cookie Moon Phases

Solar Eclipse Bento

Solar Eclipse Cake Recipe

Iced Moon Pie Treats

Brookies – Solar Eclipse Cookies

Solar Eclipse Cookies

Solar Splaash Eclipse Party Punch Drink


Eclipse Viewer – Camera Obscura Made From a Cereal Box

How can the little moon hide the giant Sun Activity

How did the moon get its craters? {an art and science activity for kids}

Solar Eclipse Kids’ Activity

Solar and Lunar eclipse working model | Eclipse working model for school project



Solar Eclipse Activity Pack

Solar Eclipse STEM Activities

Solar Eclipse Printable Worksheets

(Free) Solar Eclipse Printable Pack

Solar Eclipse Reading Passage with Comprehension Questions

FREE Solar Eclipse Foldable FREE by Science and Math Doodles

Moon and Solar Eclipse Activities for Kids


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