Spanish Animal Words

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¡Hola! ¡Es tiempo para aprender sobre los animales en español! (Hello! It’s time to learn about animals in Spanish!) If you can’t tell, I’m raring to use my Spanish vocabulary again and I’m thrilled to have the chance to teach it to my kids over the summer.

One of their favorite topics is, of course, animals. So, I put together a simple Spanish animal words printable pack of flashcards that I’m sharing with you all today!
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Spanish Animal Words Pronunciation Guide

If you’re going to learn these words, you’ll need to know how to say them, right? Here’s a quick pronunciation guide for the words in the flashcard pack. The underlined syllable is the one that is stressed.

el elefante – ell el-eh-fahn-tay

el león – ell lay-on

la cebra – lah say-brah

la rana – lah rah-nah

el tigre – ell tee-gray

el cerdo – ell sair-doh

la tortuga – lah tor-too-gah

la jirafa – lah heer-ah-fah

The great thing about the Spanish alphabet is that once you learn how the letters sound, you’re halfway to pronouncing Spanish correctly. In Spanish words (unlike English), letters typically sound the same all the time.

Spanish Animal Words Printable Pack

To get your copy of the Learning Animal Words in Spanish printable pack, add to your cart below! In this pack, kids will learn how to say eight animal names in Spanish, including:

  • Elephant
  • Lion
  • Zebra
  • Frog
  • Tiger
  • Pig
  • Turtle
  • And giraffe!

The pack includes three sets of flashcards: one with the words in Spanish, one with the words in English, and another with no words at all (for quizzes).

For even more Spanish learning fun, check out the Free Spanish Christmas Words pack here!

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