Summer Learning Collections

Learning doesn’t have to happen during the school year, through textbooks or a classroom. Let your kids experience learning with a little less structure this summer! 

These collections were designed to give your children fun opportunities to practice what they learned over the last homeschool year.

For more details on each collection, simply click the title or image to be taken to that specific product page. 

Preschool and Kindergarten Collection

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Your littles will have fun learning using the 100+ pages inside this collection! You’ll find coloring pages, puzzles, mazes, math resources, cut and paste exercises, copywork practice, connect the dots games and more stuff to make learning fun!

1st and 2nd Grade Collection

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There are more than 100 fun learning pages inside this collection! From puzzles, mazes, math resources and rhyming activities, to spelling, word searches, copywork practice, writing prompts and more to make learning fun!

3rd through 5th Grade Collection

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There are 100+ pages of fun learning activities included in this collection! Inside there are notebooking pages, poetry excercises, math resources, copywork practice, vocabulary activities, weather projects, spelling sheets and more fun stuff!

Middle School Collection

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This Middle School collection was designed with education and fun in mind. It features creative writing pages, literature activities, math resources, nature projects, vocabulary exercises, spelling sheets and more learning fun!

High School Collection

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High schoolers will have fun learning throughout the summer too! They’ll learn about oceans, vocabulary, the sun, poetry, creative writing and even complete an engineering project with the collection designed with them in mind. 

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