1st-2nd Grade Summer Learning Collection

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Summer days are long and your young learners have a lot of energy. The key to including 1st-2nd grade summer learning as part of your busy days is to ensure that it is filled with lots of fun!

I know that taking a few months off to relax sounds like just what you all need. However, it will cost you more than it is worth, trust me. 

When you take a significant amount of time away from homeschooling your children they will begin to forget things you spent an entire homeschool year teaching them. I can attest to how frustrating that can be. 

Each step that your child takes on their homeschooling journey prepares them for the one that lies just ahead. Whether it is summer or not they can keep following those stepping stones.

If we leave our children on one step for too long they’re apt to lose their balance and they’ll have to take steps backward to refresh what they’ve learned previously. This will not only frustrate our children but us as well. 

The key to raising lifelong learners is to teach our children to love learning. Summertime homeschooling provides countless opportunities to do just that! Homeschooling in the summer should include a lot of time in nature, quality literature, fun activities and field trips! 

Over the years I’ve learned how to make time for educational fun throughout the summer to keep my children learning. That is why I designed an entire 1st-2nd grade summer learning collection for you to use with your children!

1st-2nd Grade Summer Learning Collection

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  • Features

Your kids can have fun learning all summer long with the 1st and 2nd Grade Summer Learning Collection! It features over 100 pages of fun learning activities that are broken down into 8 individual packs for easier use. This will allow you to pick and choose which activities you want and skip those that your students don’t need or won’t enjoy.

There are enough learning activities to keep your kids busy all summer long! Inside you’ll find over 100 pages including… 

    • Spelling Pages
    • Puzzles
    • Mazes
    • Math Resources
    • Rhyming Exercises
    • Copywork Practice
    • Word Searches
    • Writing Prompts
    • and lots more fun stuff!
  • Benefits

Summer days are long and kids can only entertain themselves for so long. There will be days this summer that you’ll be looking for something for your kids to do. I’ve done the work for you though – so all you have to do is click print!

The activities included in the 1st and 2nd Grade Summer Learning Collection are both fun and educational! 

Don’t waste time this summer putting together lesson plans or a curriculum to teach your children over the summer. You all should be relaxing and having fun! You can keep your kids busy learning without them even realizing that’s what they are doing using this fun collection of educational activities! 

  • Pricing

$7 for the entire 1st-2nd Grade Summer Learning Collection!

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