Teaching History With Living Books

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In one of my previous posts I mentioned using a curriculum that teaches history using literature. I wanted to share with you a few places where you can find lists of living books you could use to piece together your own history studies.

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Teaching History With Living Books

   History does not have to be complicated, especially at a young age. The best way to start your little ones on the path of history is through reading to them about events and people that shape our history.  Teaching history with living books will get your kids excited about history, after all everybody likes a good story, even more so when it is packed with action.

What reading history living books does for your child:

1. Gets them interested and excited about history

2. Gives them a sense of heroism and what that is all about

3. Gets them connected with different cultures, places and times.

4. In  families with multiple kids, it allows for read-aloud family time on the couch (or the bed)

5. Living books are usually literature rich books, they provides them with the tools to engage the mind in the task of learning history as they interact with the characters and events of the story at a deeper level.

Below you’ll find resources for selecting your own living books for your homeschool!

Websites with lists to check out:

Charlotte Mason Lists

Design-your-homeschol – Living Books History

Our Journey Westward’s Top Ten Lists (scroll to the end for her History lists)

A Book in Time has a World History Book list and an American History Book list

HomeschoolChristian.com for American History books

13 History Living Book Series

For Canadian History: The Canadian Homeschooler has a nice list for you.


Series and publishers:

Landmarks books

Hero Tales series

Christian Heroes Then and Now

Greenleaf Press

Lightkeepers books – 10 boys who… and 10 Girls who … series

History Comes Alive Books

Childhood of Famous Americans books



Heritage History

All Through the Ages

Beautiful Feet Books


Do you have a Living Book resource to share with us? Please leave it in the comment for us to check out!


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