U.S. Navy Middle and High School Unit Study

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As a Navy Brat, teaching children about the history of the United States Navy is extremely important to me. I believe that everyone should either serve in a branch of the U.S. military or have a close relative that has served. You don’t truly understand what goes into being the land of the free because of the brave without a personal knowledge of the sacrifices it requires. That is why I created this U.S. Navy Middle and High School Unit Study for you to use in your homeschool. 

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I am blessed to call my dad my hero. It is because of his time in the military that I bleed red, white and blue. I know that the freedoms that Americans take for granted every day have a very high price. Most of my childhood, my daddy was away serving our country, protecting us from things we often don’t understand and can’t even see. 

Memories that I hold dear from growing up include standing pier-side waiting for the sailors to disembark and searching the sea of faces for the one that belongs to me, eating dinner with my dad on the ship on his duty days and the packages we used to put together to send him long before the blessing of email and Skype…when we had to wait for snail mail to hear from our loved ones so far from home. 

Even though your family may not understand the depth of appreciation that I have for the United States Navy, you can teach them about it through my U.S. Navy Middle and High School Unit Study.

Your students will enjoy learning about the music of the U.S. Navy, history of the vessels, uniforms, bases and more! There are also copywork, vocabulary and writing prompt pages and learning activities as well.

If you have younger students, you can easily teach them alongside your older children using my U.S. Navy Elementary Unit Study found here

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