Writing Prompts for March

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By the end of February, my children are tired of most subjects. It’s cold and it’s grey. We’re ready for spring. Writing lessons, which are fun when the creative juices are flowing, are sadly lacking in creative juices. Then March rolls around, bringing with it a breath of fresh air! There are many fun-inspiring writing prompts for March and they remind us that spring is near!

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Not all students love writing, particularly boys, sometimes. Offering fun, relevant writing prompts can be a great way to get boys writing (and any reluctant writer). March is a month full of these great prompts!

St. Patrick’s Day

This one is bursting with lesson ideas. We have  fascinating myths around this holiday, but there was a great man worth learning about. Students can research the real Saint Patrick and write a short biography, write a comparison essay between the fact and the fiction behind the story, or write a character sketch. In addition to Saint Patrick, students can be inspired by leprechauns, Ireland, gold, rainbows, clover, and more! Have them share their method for catching a leprechaun. Grab a copy of this Free St. Patrick’s Day Learning Pack which includes the history of St. Patrick and fun learning activities!

In addition to writing prompts, Saint Patrick’s Day offers some excellent quotes for copywork. Simblissity Cottage has a free Saint Patrick’s Day Copwork book, be sure to stop by and check it out.

Weather and Time

March is a good month to write about weather. Nearly everyone knows the old saying: March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. There are lots of fun weather lore phrases out there. Writers can exercise their creative juices writing up some of their own!

Daylight Savings time begins in March. We lose an hour of sleep and then experience a solid week of adjusting our body clocks. Ask your writers to tell a tale about where that hour goes. Your teens might prefer writing a letter to their congressman asking him to drop the Daylight Savings Time routine.


Another favorite writing prompt for March is basketball. March madness begins soon and is a great time to offer some writing prompts about basketball. This one can go on for the whole month if your student enjoys it. Write about the game, explain the rules of the game, do a biography of a favorite player, write about the fans, write a piece from the ball’s perspective. The ideas are endless!

Pi Day

Pi Day, on March 14th, is a much bigger hit in my nerd house than the basketball prompts. Try a lesson about Pi for Pi Day! Or try a lesson on PIE! Even the most reluctant writers perk up when the teacher says, “I want you to write about PIE.” Challenge them to incorporate the five senses into their piece.

The Ides of March

The Ides of March is another good writing prompt for March. Have students recall the story, write the story from the perspective of different characters, do a study on Latin derivatives.


Best of all, Spring is a fabulous topic for inspiring writing. Spring writing prompts will take you all the way through April, when their thoughts begin to turn toward summer. Summer IS coming, mom! Don’t despair!

How do you encourage your kids to continue to write throughout the last of the winter?

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