100+ Music Gifts for Kids

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My parents bought me my first music gifts before I could even read or write. Somehow they knew that I would love music. My mom and dad bought me my first musical instrument, a piano. I started taking piano lessons when I was 6 or 7 years old and continued until I fell in love with the violin at 16. I haven’t played much of either instrument since I became a mom, but there is always some form of music playing in my home.

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Both of my children took piano lessons for a couple years before we bought our family business. My son loved playing, but my daughter wasn’t a big fan. We finally moved my piano back into our home last week and since it has arrived I’ve had the pleasure of hearing both of my kids play Christmas carols every day. It truly is a joyous sound and makes my heart sing hearing them play again.

I truly believe that our love for music began with my parents being willing to bring a musical instrument into our home when I was young and allowed me to play on the keys of the piano before I had any formal classes. My children grew up hearing me play, but that wouldn’t have happened had my parents not purchased a piano for me at a young age. The younger our children are when they are introduced to music and musical instruments, the more likely they are to love hearing and playing music throughout their lives.

Now that we have a piano in our home again, I find myself wondering how to fit a music gift for my kids under the tree. They just might find a new piano book or online piano course certificates wrapped underneath the Christmas tree. If your kids love music, then maybe you too need ideas for a few music gifts for kids? Below you’ll find over 100 music gifts for kids organized into 6 categories to help you find a music gift for each of your musicians!

Music Gifts for Toddlers

Music Gifts for Elementary Students


Music Games & Puzzles 


Music Theory & Appreciation Resources 


Music Sing-a-long Accessories 


Books about Music 

Music study with the Masters


What music gifts are you giving your kids this year?

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