3 Ways I Fail at Homeschooling Every Day

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At the end of each day I promise myself that tomorrow will be better. That our homeschooling time will go more smoothly, that we will enjoy our schooling time together. At the beginning of each new day I wake up with the same promise on my mind and in my heart. The truth is, that there are some homeschooling days that are better than others, but still I fail at homeschooling every day. Yet, I keep pressing on because homeschooling is my calling and because though I fail at homeschooling every day I know that God is working on me through my failings and He is teaching my children through them as well.

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There are many days that present unique struggles of their own, but there are 3 ways I fail at homeschooling every day. Each time I face these struggles I’m reminded that my children aren’t the only ones learning lessons throughout homeschooling. Honestly, I think I have more to learn than they do.

  • I don’t focus 100% on teaching my children during school time

There are so many other things that need my attention, that daily I struggle to sit down and focus solely on my children’s education. While I know without a doubt that my children’s education must be a priority, I fail every day to give them 100% of my attention during their lessons.

  • When my children get frustrated, so do I

I’m supposed to be teaching my children and yet when they don’t understand something (or just grow tired of their lessons) and become frustrated, I find myself frustrated with their attitude. Instead of using the moment to teach a lesson of far more importance than any textbook could offer, I give into frustration myself. I fail to be their mom and teacher when I become frustrated just like they do.

  • I push through school time struggles instead of taking a break

Though our school time is no where near as long as public school, my kids still need breaks. Often the frustrations we face, I believe could be avoided if I allowed my children to take a “recess”. Instead I find myself pushing my children through their schoolwork to get it done, just so we can have the rest of the day to do what we want/need to do. I fail to remember that they are just kids when I push them to just get their school done.

These are not my only failings as a homeschool mom. These are just 3 ways that I fail in my homeschooling journey that God is working on most in me right now.

Your failings as a homeschool mom probably don’t look just like mine, nor will you work through them just like I will. Yet, we will work through them and with God’s help though we will continue to fail (it’s part of being human, don’t forget that and expect perfection) we can homeschool successfully.

Remember this…

Do not lose hope on your homeschooling journey


Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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