5 Reasons to Make Quiet Time Part of Your Homeschool

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As homeschool moms we have very little quiet time as part of our days. While most of us don’t have a set schedule that we have to adhere to, we have a lot to accomplish in our 24 hour days and quiet time is often given up in order to get everything done. Yet, is passing up quiet time what we, our kids and/or our homeschool needs?

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I don’t have littles anymore, both of my kids will be in middle school starting this fall, but I know how important quiet time is for me and for my tween and teen. Just because they don’t require a nap doesn’t mean that they don’t need time to just relax, be still and quiet each day. Not to mention that I need a bit of peaceful mom time every day too!

It is likely not a revelation that you need a bit of quiet time each day, but do you know why it is important to make quiet time a part of your homeschool?

  • Reset

One of the reasons that many homeschool families chose to homeschool their kids is because they don’t want their kids to have to sit down in a desk for hours on end. Yet, there are still frustrating homeschool days when everyone (including mom!) could use a reset button. When things aren’t going as planned, emotions are rising or attitude has crept in, using quiet time as a reset button is a great way to get your homeschool day back on track!

  • Rest

How much sleep our children need changes often and if they go to bed later than normal or rise earlier than usual, that can affect our homeschool days greatly. If you notice that your child is not sleeping well or your schedule has been a bit crazy, you should definitely utilize a quiet time to allow your child (and you!) to rest for a bit each day.

  • Read

Yes, you read a lot during your homeschool days, but that is not why you should use reading as a quiet time. You (and your kids!) need to have time to pick up a book of your choosing and sit down just to enjoy reading. If your kids are not avid readers it is important for them to see you reading often because it will encourage them to read more too!

  • Reflect

Everyone needs time to be alone with their thoughts. Reflection is good for the mind, body and soul. When we take time to reflect over our days we learn more about ourselves and recognize what we need (or want) to change in our daily lives. Busy schedules without any quiet time to reflect robs us of beneficial time to grow and become who God designed us to be.

  • Redeem

There are times when mom is in the middle of something that she just can’t stop and spend time with her children when they want her attention. Instituting a quiet time in your homeschool can give you the opportunity to redeem time with your children. Draw them close to you and enjoy just being together whether you’re reading your own books or laying down to rest, quiet time together helps to redeem time you’ve lost.

  • Renew

Our spirits and minds need quiet time in order to be renewed. We can not constantly be going full steam ahead and not expect to become mentally and emotionally exhausted. Quiet time will give you and your children the opportunity to renew yourselves before taking on the rest of your day.

Quiet time is an important part of your homeschool day, the age of your children doesn’t matter. As homeschool moms we are responsible for our children’s education, but we must not neglect or forget their mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well. We must be careful to not allow homeschooling to set the rest of our lives off balance. Education is important, but not at the cost of our children’s other needs.

What do you and your kids enjoy doing during quiet time?

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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