Beach Unit Study

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The beach is one of our favorite places to be during the summertime and when I’m homesick I’ve even been known to bundle the kids and me to visit when snow boots and winter jackets are required. There is almost nowhere I’d rather be than at the beach, it is so peaceful and the sound of the waves is music to my soul.

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I knew with summer coming that I wanted to focus on the beach for homeschooling because I believe it is one of the most fun studies you can do for homeschooling in the summer. The beach isn’t just a great place to hang out for the day, there are so many things to learn about the beach!

I had a wonderful time putting together this beach unit study for you to use with your kids! We made big changes to our homeschool and I changed how I put unit studies together in order for them to fit our homeschool. If your children use computers, a Kindle Fire, iPad or a tablet for your homeschooling then you will love this too!

There are links to fun quizzes, printables and YouTube videos that correspond with many of the subtopics within this study too! A few of the subtopics that you’ll find included in this beach unit study are:

  • Ocean
  • Seaweed
  • Beach
  • Sand
  • Currents
  • and much more!

If your kids enjoy visiting the beach and you’ve never really learned much about it, take time to learn all about the beach this summer with your kids using this fun unit study. You do not have to pull any additional resources together to learn about the beach this summer unless you want to! Summertime homeschooling is supposed to be full of fun and this unit study is a great place to start!

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