5 Ways to Find Joy in Your Homeschool

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Joy. Typically we have plenty of it when we begin planning our next homeschool year and it often lasts for the first month or two, but then it seems to disappear. We then find ourselves wondering where it went and how do we get it back?

We’ve spent countless hours planning the perfect homeschool year, with exciting new curriculum, inspiring activities and fun field trips, but the joy of our homeschool is missing. What did we do wrong and how can our homeschool be filled with joy again?

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Having joy in your homeschool is possible throughout the entire homeschool year. It doesn’t have to wait to appear until the beginning of the next homeschool year, you can find joy in your homeschool once againeven today!

In order to find joy in your homeschool, you must remember some things that you often forget in the midst of busy and exhausting homeschool days. When you take time to remember these things you’ll discover that joy can be found in your homeschool each and every day throughout the year!

5 Ways to Find Joy in Your Homeschool


  • Count your blessings

The easiest way to find joy in your homeschool is by stopping and taking the time to count a few blessings that you have. I find that when I stop in the craziness and find 3 things that I am blessed with, that my attitude is changed and my stress is decreased. I find myself filled with joy for the blessings in my life.

  • Take breaks when you (or your children) need them

Often as homeschool moms, we have a get it done attitude. We pull out all of the school books and lesson plans and we want to knock it all out at once. This doesn’t work for most children, nor is it good for us. At some point throughout our day we’ll hit a snag and attitudes will go south. It is at that moment that we must learn to take breaks. When we take breaks to just breathe in between lessons, we’ll find joy once again in our homeschool day.

  • Have fun with homeschooling

Bring out the arts and crafts, the science experiments, crazy music time and whatever else will bring some fun into your homeschool day. Don’t get stuck behind the textbooks, notebooking pages or lesson plans. Having fun learning with your children is key to finding joy in your homeschool!

  • Let your children direct the learning

This is something that I am starting to do more! The best way to get my children interested in school each day is by taking the time to learn about topics of interest to them! As an adult I have no desire to learn about airplanes or bats, so why would I ask my children to learn about things that don’t interest them? When your children start enjoying what they’re learning and telling you all about it, joy will be found in your homeschool!

Every homeschool family has chosen homeschooling for a specific reason(s). When we remind ourselves of what that reason is, it refreshes us and allows us to keep pressing on. The reasons we choose to homeschool will help bring joy back into our homeschool, after all it is what inspired us to begin our homeschool journeys!

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No matter where you are in your homeschool journey, you can find joy in your homeschool! It is possible each and every day! Each of us must learn to look for the ways that best help us to refocus on why we homeschool and what things will help us to find joy in our homeschool!

How do you find joy in your homeschool on the difficult days?

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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