5 Ways to Stay Organized in Your Homeschool

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One of the biggest struggles for homeschooling moms is keeping everything organized. With all the textbooks, notebooks, art supplies, pencils, erasers and more, organization is a must in every homeschool. When your homeschool is organized, you’ll find that peace and joy aren’t quite as hard to find.

There are so many organization systems, methods and ideas out there, it can be overwhelming to sort through them all. All homeschool moms would love to have an IKEA organized homeschool room, but often it isn’t in the budget. There are easy and frugal ways to keep your homeschool organized without breaking the bank!

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The definition of organization varies from one person to another and is often dependent on the season of life they’re in as well. We all must find a balance and organize our homeschool the way it works best for us right now.

5 Ways to Stay Organized in Your Homeschool

  • Keep track of the curriculum you own

Whether it is digital curriculum or textbooks, keeping track of all of the homeschool curriculum you own will help you stay organized. Too often we buy new curriculum because we’ve forgotten we already own it or something similar that would work. The Multi Taskin Mom has a Free Curriculum Organizer Printable to help keep your homeschool curriculum organized!

  • Choose one place to keep all of your homeschool curriculum and supplies

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bookshelf in your bedroom, a homeschool room or drawer towers, find one place in your home to keep it all. When your home is cluttered with homeschool curriculum and supplies from one end to the other, you will fail to stay organized in your homeschool.

  • Teach your children to put their school things away properly

All too often children don’t clean up properly. We need to take time to teach our children to put their school books and supplies away where they belong. By doing so they’re helping us to stay organized and we’re teaching them to be responsible.

  • Use a filing system to hold your children’s completed schoolwork

When your children’s binders need to be purged, organize their schoolwork by subject and file it away. Whether you use a filing cabinet, a rubbermaid tote or drawer system, keeping the schoolwork organized will help if you need to locate something later.

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  • Find a planner that works for you

This is the #1 key to ensure you stay organized in your homeschool. This will help keep track of what you need to do, what lessons your children have completed and what they need to complete, etc. If you’re a Year Round Homeschooler we have a Year Round Homeschooling Teacher and Student Planner in our store here.

As you begin to stay organized in your homeschool, you’ll find that not only will you be able to find everything you need easily, but you’ll discover things you’d forgotten you had on hand! One of the biggest motivators to staying organized is that our homeschool budget will often be less because we can find the supplies we need for specific projects instead of going and buying it again.

How do you stay organized in your homeschool?

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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