American Sign Language Puzzles

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Are your kids ready to learn their ABCs and 123s — in sign language? These American Sign Language Puzzles are a sure-fire way to do that and they’re fun! 

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Encouraging kids to learn another language isn’t always easy to do. Especially when you aren’t fluent in another language yourself. 

Starting with the ABCs and 123s is the easiest way to begin any foreign language study.

As with any subject, the more fun you make it the more likely your children are to complete it. 

Learning should be fun…most of the time. Sure, there are times when learning is just that, learning. 

However, thinking outside the box is important for homeschool moms. 

After all, we want to raise lifelong learners and that means we have to get creative. 

Puzzles are a great learning activity and visual learners thrive using them. 

These American Sign Language Puzzles focus on teaching your children the alphabet and numbers. 

You just might learn a sign or two if you sit down and play with them! 

The most precious memories I have of homeschooling my children are when I took the time to be a part of their lessons and activities. 

Don’t be so busy that you miss out on experiencing homeschooling with your kids. 

Take the time, leave the laundry and dishes for a bit. Learn a bit of sign language with your kids. 

Spend time sending each other “secret messages” that only you can decode. 

Learning should be fun — for everyone — even the homeschool mom! 

Are you ready to relearn your ABCs and 123s?

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