Art Notebooking Pages

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Over the years I’ve tried many different methods for tracking what my children are learning throughout their studies. I do not like completing tasks that have no purpose, so I have learned that busywork has no place in our homeschool. That’s why I truly enjoy using notebooking pages, like these Art Notebooking Pages with my kids. 

When my children complete lessons, I want to see what they’ve understood and gathered from them. The best way that I’ve found to learn that and not require my children to complete the “required” Q&A in any given curriculum is to give them the opportunity to share. 

Sometimes they share by narrating to me what they’ve learned. Other times they write down a certain number of things they remember from their lesson. 

I’ve found that by allowing my children to complete their lessons in this way has given them a voice. They’re more willing to talk about their schoolwork, even the subjects they aren’t fond of, and share what they’ve enjoyed, found interested and even disliked. 

Isn’t that what we want for our children? The ability to learn in their own way and share their new knowledge with us?! 

These Art Notebooking Pages are a great resource for reports, biographies, research and more! Inside you’ll find 3 different sets of pages for young learners, elementary students and upper-level grades as well.

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