How to Teach Any Subject Using Art

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Art is one of the many forms of expression that offers the opportunity to explore and grow. Through art, children can learn, understand, and even memorize everything from basic math to important points in history. Truly, art can be used to teach any subject in a fun and engaging way.

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Children love creating art that shows everyone the new things they learned. So, why not encourage them by including art as part of each subject in their studies?

How to Teach Any Subject Using Art

Art has an amazing way of connecting lessons and concepts. Incorporating art can help bridge the gaps between concepts, connect books you are reading, and allow your child to display their progress.


Children can use art to explore scientific concepts that are hard to connect with another hands-on activity.

  • Create 3d models of the solar system
  • Design human DNA artwork
  • Use candy to make colorful cell art

These are fun, artistic ways for your kids to bring to life things that they can’t see for themselves. 

Language Arts

Instead of having your child write a book report, encourage them to bring the book to life through art. 

  • Summarize the book with a homemade comic
  • Include a self-portrait of themselves with the main characters of the book
  • Create artwork featuring their favorite scene

Children that love art, but do not enjoy writing are likely to embrace this opportunity.


Exploring history is one of my favorite ways to teach art because you can use different mediums and cover all points of history!

  • Create models of the wonders of the world 
  • Design pottery, jewelry, baskets, and other historic forms of art
  • Study a famous artist and recreate one of their masterpieces

History is not always a loved subject, but art can make it a bit more interesting. 


Numbers, mathematical facts and shapes can be demonstrated in creative ways using art. 

  • Design abstract art using geometry
  • Create numerical art 
  • Make paint or color by number projects

I’ve found that visual learners excel when you bring art into their math lessons.


Geography is art. That is why I find it one of the easiest subjects to include art.

  • Create and design maps 
  • Draw and paint landforms
  • Take photographs and put together geographic collages

Vacations are a great way to incorporate geographic art into your homeschool! 

These are just a few ideas to help you see how easy it is to use art to teach any subject in your homeschool. If you ever find yourself struggling to think of ways to use art in your homeschool, give your child the freedom to explore and find ways to explore the concepts you are teaching through art on their own.

Sometimes kids will surprise you when you just give them a box of art supplies, a simple topic, and set them loose to learn on their own.

How do you use art to teach different subjects in your home?

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