ASL Signs for Animals

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Kids love learning about animals, so why not teach them to sign about them? In this foreign language lesson, we’re sharing an ASL video lesson with signs for animals!

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ASL Animal Signs

In this video, we cover 12 animal signs:

* Cat

* Dog

* Bird

* Snake

* Bug

* Lion

* Tiger

* Bear

* Elephant

* Fish

* Whale

* Octopus

Of course, there are many, many other animal signs in ASL, so this is not a comprehensive lesson. But it’s a nice introduction to this topic. Look for another animal signs video from us coming soon!

Check out the video tutorial below! And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for even more video lessons!

American Sign Language Resources for Kids

If you’re looking for a book to teach American Sign Language, try these from!

1. A Basic Course in American Sign Language – Second Edition: This is the book that I learned how to sign from – 20 years ago. A handful of the signs are outdated, particularly the geographical signs at the back, but the grammar side of the program is top-notch. I still teach from this book, simply because the grammatical lessons are so comprehensive.

2. American Sign Language Dictionary – Third Edition: When you have a good grasp on the language, you’ll want to build your ASL vocabulary. This ASL dictionary is a great vocabulary booster, especially if you’re having a conversation and can’t remember the sign you want to use!

3. Sign Language – My First 100 Words: This is an absolutely adorable book for introducing American Sign Language to very young kids. It’s heavy on pictures and features kids, so it’s a win-win for early readers!


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