Avoid Rushing Your Homeschool

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Sometimes homeschool moms forget what it is like to learn something new. A lot of the subjects and topics we’re covering with own children, we’ve already learned and we process them like it is second nature. Because of this we fail to remember that learning something new can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, we tend to try to push our kids to hard…and often lose our patience and/or temper in the process.

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The most important time for a homeschool mom to keep her cool is when her child isn’t understanding a concept in school. Yet, this is often not the case. We tend to multi-task trying to get everything done that “needs” to be done today and we don’t have time to slow down for a new/misunderstood concept.

Sometimes it takes more than one lesson…or a weekor a month of lessons for our child to truly grasp and be ready to move forward with a new concept on their own. This is ok. Every child learns differently and at their own pace. You know your child best, so teach them that way and don’t worry about anything else.

If your child is struggling, you need to avoid rushing your homeschool.

As a homeschool mom that has had to put our math curriculum on hold several times and who finally found the best math curriculum for non-mathematicians , these are my best tips to avoid rushing your homeschool…

  • Stop moving forward in your curriculum.

Don’t try to work on the concept their struggling with and move forward at the same time. Take a break from the curriculum, it will still be there when they’re ready to move forward.

  • Take some time to teach just that concept.

Whether you take a break from that one subject’s curriculum or your entire homeschool plans depends on what concept your child needs to work on. Sometimes when you take time to focus only on one thing your child will grasp the concept quicker and be ready to move forward sooner.

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  • Be willing to use different methods to teach your child. 

Since what you’re using for that subject isn’t working, think outside the box. There are so many options available to homeschoolers; worksheets, online learning, etc. Take your child’s personality into account and their learning style, then build a plan to teach the new/misunderstood concept to them.

  • Add some fun to the learning. 

Educational games, videos, songs, crafts and more are great ways to add fun to learning a new/misunderstood concept. When we make learning interactive our children are apt to understand more quickly!

Year Round Homeschooling Tip #26

It is important for a homeschool mom to pay attention to her children while they’re doing their schoolwork and to look over their schoolwork frequently. Often these are only ways to know when your children needs to stop and review things before moving on.

It is extremely important that we avoid rushing our homeschools and instead focus on our children understanding each concept they’re learning.

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