Child Led Homeschooling Survey

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Have you ever considered what your child thinks about school or subjects they learn in school? Understanding your child and their interests can be of great help to your homeschool planning. This Child Led Homeschooling Survey will help you discover the benefits of communicating with your child about their education.

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By planning your homeschooling journey around your child’s interests, you not only will be making it enjoyable for them but easier for you!

It is not any fun for anyone making homeschool plans that either make learning drudgery or that have to be tossed and rewritten. 

Asking your children for input as you begin to prepare for a homeschool year tells them that they are important and that their opinions matter. 

A child’s education should be exciting enough to inspire life long learning. The key to that inspiration is them having the opportunity to lead their education

While it may seem like an extra step, discovering your child’s interests will help you in the long run!

By completing this survey using the notebooking style questions your children will share what they like/do not like about school, what topics and/or subjects they enjoy and more.

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