Let Go of Your Child’s Education

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Homeschool mom’s love to plan. It’s something that we all look forward to doing each year. We pull out the new curriculum catalogs, pencils, markers and clipboards, then we’re off to homeschool planning heaven! But, what if this isn’t the right way to handle our child’s education? What if, instead of planning we need to let go of our child’s education instead?

Let Go of Your Child's Education - By Misty Leask

You can’t always plan your entire homeschool year. Life happens. Changes need to be made. Homeschool curriculum doesn’t work.

Holding tightly to our child’s education can often set both them and us up for feelings of failure. 

While we are busy homeschool planning, we tend to forget that it’s our children’s education not ours. We plan what we think they need to learn, things we wish we had learned and what everyone else says they should learn, but often we don’t even ask our children what they would like to learn.

Is it any wonder why our kids don’t always like school?

It’s time to let go of your child’s education. Loosen your grip and prepare for the future with them together. Find out why I believe that letting your child lead their education is important over at True Aim Education.

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