Christian Christmas Middle School Pack

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As you prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ this year, your tweens will enjoy the activities inside this Christian Christmas Middle School PAck. 

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Preparing for Christmas involves more than a Christmas tree and twinkling lights. It requires the preparation of the heart. 

Christmas isn’t just another holiday on the calendar. It is the remembrance of the greatest gift of God. 

We don’t celebrate Christmas just because. It is a celebration of Jesus. 

While the world has changed the focus of Christmas, that doesn’t mean we have to embrace it. 

As our children grow, we must ensure that they understand the true meaning of Christmas. 

They must know within their hearts that Christmas is about Jesus. 

Without Him, there is no Christmas. Jesus is Christmas.

As Christian homeschoolers, we need to be diligent during the Christmas season to include Christian resources as part of our homeschooling. 

It is easy to get busy with decorating, Christmas movies, parties, baking, etc. 

Yet, it is our responsibility to raise our children to know what Christmas is and how we are to celebrate this Christian holiday. 

While some of your Christmas family traditions may seem silly or too young for your tweens, hold tightly to them. 

One day, they will look back and remember those Christmas traditions and realize just how important they really are. 

In fact, it is likely that your family’s Christmas traditions of today will become their family Christmas traditions in the future. 

The legacy you are creating today will be the one they carry into the future. 

When you’re in need of a few moments alone this Christmas season, this pack will continue teaching your tweens to keep Jesus first – especially at Christmastime.

Your middle schoolers will work on their handwriting and poetry skills, mathematics and more using this Christian Christmas Middle School Pack.

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