Christmas Language Arts Ideas

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The entire Christmas season seems to hum with excitement. Rather than fighting to stay focused, my family trades in our regular lessons for Christmas school. It’s still a season rich with learning, but its contrast to regular lessons keeps us motivated rather than distracted.

Christmas Language Arts Ideas - By Jennifer H.

You can find treasure troves of science lessons and experiments: snowflakes, stars, conifers, etc. There is no end to Christmas-themed math worksheets across the internet, but my favorite school lessons are Christmas Language Arts. Here are some Christmas Language Arts ideas to get you started:

  • Sharpen those writing skills by writing letters to soldiers!
  • Advent Idea Box is full of Christmas-themed learning. Each day of Advent has its own themed lesson studying about a Christmas tradition such as the poinsetta, nutcrackers, shepherds, etc. They also highlight a country and its customs. Each day has book recommendations for some great family reading time.
  • Use your favorite Christmas hymns for dictation/copywork.
  • Simblissity Cottage has a free Jesse Tree Copywork ebook.
  • Wrap up your family’s favorite Christmas books and let your children unwrap one every day. Snuggle up and read and enjoy some time together.
  • Use Christmas words (such as Christmas, Snowman, Angels, Shepherd) and write as many words as you can think of from their letters. Who can come up with the most words?

If doing a full Christmas school isn’t an option, you can still bring some fun into your language arts lessons by creating a Writing Prompt Christmas Calendar. Buy or make a calendar with pockets for each day and put a writing prompt on a slip of paper for each day’s pocket. Here are some ideas for prompts.

Christmas Writing Prompts

  • Write a review of your favorite Christmas book or movie.
  • Write instructions for making or gingerbread house.
  • Write instructions for building a snowman.
  • Write a biography of The Grinch.
  • Write a letter to a soldier.
  • Learn about personification and write about a sugar cookie as if it has human traits.
  • Pretend you are a reindeer and write about your first night flying Santa’s sleigh.
  • Pretend you are a shepherd and write about the night you met the Son of God.
  • Pretend you are an animal from the Christmas stable and write about the night of Christ’s birth.
  • Write a story about a talking snowflake that never melts.
  • Write about a favorite Christmas memory.
  • Write about a stocking that is bigger on the inside. What surprises might you find inside?
  • Study and write a biography of St. Boniface and the Christmas Tree.
  • Choose three countries and create a Venn Diagram comparing their Christmas traditions.
  • Write an essay explaining the meaning of Christmas.
  • Write a haiku about snow.

What are some of your favorite Christmas homeschooling activities? I’d love to hear new ideas!

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