Create a Loving Home with Loyalty

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Love is necessary. We can not truly live without love. If we do not know love then we can not know God for God is love. Life would not be worth living if it weren’t for love.

Christmas is all about love. The love our heavenly Father has for us is what caused Him to send His Son as a tiny babe and begin His human life in a manger.

We probably think this is the easiest part of Christmas. After all, we show our love for our family members by purchasing gifts to leave under the tree and spend an entire day dedicated to time together. Our love for Christ is shown by loving others and reading the story of His birth on Christmas Day.

Yet, love is so much more than what we typically do and feel at Christmastime.

The last part of our journey towards A Season of Joy will be focusing on developing love in our lives and in our homes. I will be sharing 4 ways that you can join me in pursuing love in yourself and in your home.

Your entire family needs to be working together to build up the love in your home. You can’t create a loving home just by pursuing it all by yourself. I encourage you take time to include them in this journey towards A Season of Joy with you by using at least one of the family activities from each step.

How to Pursue Love in Your Home

You can cultivate love in your home by keeping your family first – through loyalty to those you love the most.

All too often we are pulled in many directions, we say yes without considering how it will affect our family. Before we take on any projects or ministries we need to take time to pray asking God for wisdom and discuss the opportunities with our spouse first and then with our entire family.

Our husbands and children need to be our priority – that is the way God designed a family to be.

By keeping our family first while our children are in our home we will be building a strong relationship that will keep them close to us when they grow up and leave our home. It can also strengthen our marriage for when our children have moved out on their own.

Activity Suggestions:
* Keep your family first by having time together each day; whether it be a family meal, movie or game night, devotion time or something else
* Set aside time to spend with your husband every day; if that is not possible make sure to let him know that you’re thinking of him via a phone call, text message or email
* Make bedtime a special time with each of your children; when they are young take time to read a storybook (or two!) to them and with your older children talk to them about their day — with all of your children ensure that you pray with them before they go to sleep!

Grab Your Free Family Love Notes Printable Here

Loving our families is such an important part of our callings as wives and mothers. Our families need to know that we are their cheerleader, their support system and that they are more important to us than anything else (except the Lord Himself).

I am praying that God will give you direction as you strive to show your family you love them through loyalty.

If you’d like more encouragement, tips and prayer for this journey, I would love to have you join me on a journey to A Season of Joy in my private Facebook group. 



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