Farm Unit Study

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With fall quickly approaching, it’ll be time to learn about farms with our kids very soon! This year, I really want to take my children apple picking and maybe even on a hay ride, so I thought we’d talk about farms with a farm unit study!

Farm Unit Study - By Selena

If you’d like to learn about farms with your kids this fall, use the resources below to help them learn how farms work and what animals live on them!

What Happens on a Farm?

Taking a field trip to a working farm is always a great idea, but if you can’t visit one in real life, there’s always the Internet! Watch the following video about dairy farms and then ask your kids to answer the questions below.

1. How many gallons of milk do Ohio dairy cows produce? Answer: Over 600 million

2. How many dairy farms are located in Ohio? Answer: Over 3,000

3. How do dairy farmers use cow manure? Answer: They recycle it and use it to help their crops grow.

4. How much feed do cows eat per day? Answer: Over 100 pounds

5. How many times a day are cows milked? Answer: Two to three times per day

6. Name four dairy foods made from cow’s milk. Answer: Cheese, yogurt, butter, and ice cream

Farm Crafts and Activities for Kids:

Make learning about farms a hands-on experience with these farm crafts and activities for kids of all ages!

1. Farm Do-A-Dot Shape Mats – Use these free farm-themed do-a-dot shape mats to teach young ones to recognize and form shapes easily!

2. Farm Animal Sensory Bottle – Make learning about farms into a sensory experience with this fun sensory bottle craft!

3. Farm Shoebox Diorama – Create your own farm scene with these free farm shoebox diorama printables!

4. Farm Animal Puppets – Use these free templates to make paper bag farm animal puppets with your kids!

Kids’ Books about the Farm:

There are a ton of great kids’ books about farms available. These are just a few you can choose from!

1. Farm by James Brown

2. Before We Eat: From Farm to Table by Pat Brisson

3. On the Farm by James Elliott

Do you have any favorite farm resources? Share them in the comments!

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