French Family Words

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Learning how to speak French is a great addition to your children’s education! French is known as the language of love, but there are many other reasons for your children to learn French. In the USA there are many places where French is spoken and if your children can speak French, they’ll be able to have conversations with others who speak French! Many fancy restaurants have French menu items that your children can order for themselves and if your children ever visit France it will be easy for them to travel the country!

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My daughter and I have enjoyed putting together this French Family Words Learning Pack for your children to use in their French class! You’ll find fun French family words flashcards, copywork, a matching game and word list inside this 20 page learning pack!

French Family Words Pronunciation Helps

Below you’ll find links to audio translations that will help your children learn to pronounce french family words correctly.

Family – Famille

Mother – Mère

Father – Père

Daughter – Fille

Son – Fils

Sister – Sœur

Brother – Frère

Grandmother – Grand-mère

Grandfather – Grand-père

Aunt – Tante

Uncle – Oncle

Cousin (male) – Cousin

Cousin (female) – Cousine

Niece – Nièce

Nephew – Neveu

What have your children enjoyed most about learning the French language in your homeschool?

French Family Words Learning Pack1 - By Year Round Homeschooling

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