A Homeschool Mom’s Favorite Books

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Looking for a book for YOU to read for once? I’m always looking for recommendations, so I decided to share my personal must-reads with you! I hope this list of a homeschool mom’s favorite books helps you find a few new favorites. 

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I love to read. As a homeschool mom, that is probably not a surprise. However, I haven’t always been able to find time to read for fun. Then, one day, I finally realized, that I wasn’t going to find the time. I was going to have to make the time. 

Where I Find Fun Books to Read

The first step I took to making time to read for myself was to join a Christian Fiction group on Facebook. They host a monthly challenge every year and it is only 1 book a month.

In my first year, I barely completed that challenge, but that was a big feat for me as it had been years since I’d read for fun consistently. 

While I didn’t keep track of the books I read that year, the year following, I decided to create a “read” list on Goodreads to keep track of my reads for that year. 

In addition to the Facebook group monthly reading challenge, my planner for that year had several books on the cover. I decided to add those books to my reading list. 

Being part of a Christian Fiction Facebook group, there are constantly new books being recommended, so I started adding posts about books that looked interesting to me to my ‘saved’ list on Facebook. 

Due to our family business, my blog and homeschooling, some months the only book I read is from the monthly challenge. Other months I’m able to read 5 books.

How I Make Time for Fun Reading

The biggest challenge I find for making time to read is the internet. My phone is a large part of my day because of our family business and my blog. I have to continually check email and social media throughout the day and before going to bed. 

At night, I have to choose to put my phone down and let the businesses be for the evening. I find that I sleep better and my spirit is more peaceful if the last thing I do at night is read. Some nights I struggle to read one chapter. Other nights I see 1 am on the clock before realizing that morning is coming rapidly. 

Audiobooks are one of my favorite ways to read. I spend a lot of time cleaning as part of our family business. By utilizing audiobooks I’m able to read at least one book a week while cleaning. 

A Homeschool Mom’s Favorite Books

I’m going to do my best to add to this list as I find what I believe to be a “must-read”.

The monthly challenges that I take part in have brought me out of my comfort zone and by doing so I’ve found some of my favorite books of all time.

I mention this as you’ll likely see a lot of different genres popping up on this list as I add to it. 

It is my hope that sharing my favorite reads with you will inspire you to begin making the time to read for fun yourself. Lock yourself in the bathroom if you must, been there done that!

This list is not in any certain order, feel free to start with whichever book you wish!

However, if you need a suggestion for where to start…

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