Homeschool Moms Need to Rest

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If there is one thing that homeschool moms don’t do enough of it is rest. There is always something waiting to be done. One more task that requires her hand. Homeschool moms typically are not women who just sit by and let things go undone. They are task oriented. They thrive on getting things done.

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I do not rest often. I stay up late writing while my kids are tucked soundly in their beds, my husband sleeps on the couch with the TV on for sound and my dog sleeping on the floor next to my side of the bed. First thing in the morning (7am) I get the majority of my online work done and then take a shower. Our homeschool day begins typically around 10am and ends shortly after lunchtime. My afternoon work session takes about an hour to an hour and a half. I start dinner by 4pm (at the latest). After we eat dinner, the kids shower and get ready for bed while I tidy up the kitchen and living room/office. Devotions and bedtime are at 8pm. This schedule does not include our family business, (Misty Morning Cottages) when we have guests in the cottages, the rest of my schedule gets moved around to make room accordingly.

Over the last six months I’ve learned just how much homeschool moms need rest. I love my corner here, but in the last six months I’ve done three 31 day series’ here at YRH. I am tired. I need rest. Thankfully God knew that I was going to reach this point and He began preparing me for this time a few months ago.

When a homeschool mom needs rest, she must look at her schedule to determine what she can let go of in order to make time to get the rest that she needs. If we do not take the steps necessary to rest, we will find ourselves burnt out. A burnt out homeschool mom is no good to her husband or her children. Our families need us to pay attention to our schedules and take care of ourselves. They need us to rest.

After attending the 2:1 Conference in October of last year, God gave me a new direction for YRH. One of the reasons for this new direction was to provide this homeschool mom with rest. I needed Him to show me how to continue to encourage, support and provide fun homeschooling resources for homeschool moms while taking care of myself and my family too. I’m excited about the plans that He has given me for YRH and look forward to seeing them unfold!

Rest is such an important part of every homeschool mom’s day. We must learn how to slow down enough to rest so that our family can have our best. 

How do you ensure that you take time to rest?

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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