Homeschool Notebooking Curriculum Round Up

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I usually write about lapbooking here at Year Round Homeschooling because it is one of our favorite ways to learn.  We also do notebooking in our homeschool because it is a natural progression from lapbooking and fits in well with our delight-directed unit studies.

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Currently my 13-year-old daughter is notebooking and she loves the freedom to express what she’s learned in her own words, as well as the lovely learning journal she has created this way.  Younger children can enjoy notebooking, too, but I’ve found that my two younger daughters (7 & 5) still prefer lapbooking because they aren’t proficient at writing long blocks of their own text yet.

As a homeschool mom, I like notebooking because my daughter is really “owning” her education and retains what she learns much more this way. It’s also cross-curricular and can work for any topic she is interested in studying.  Notebooking is inexpensive so it can help with your homeschool budgeting.

Our Favorite Notebooking Resources

Free & Affordable Notebooking Pages


They offer lots of great freebies, which are nice if you’re just getting started with notebooking and want to sample it.  Notebooking Pages also has an app to make your own pages, as well as a lifetime membership to get everything on the site. If you enjoy notebooking, this site is a must!

If you’ve been reading homeschool blogs very long, you’re probably familiar with Jimmie at The Notebooking Fairy and Jimmie’s Collage. She has written extensively about both lapbooking and notebooking.  She offers some great freebies to get you started with notebooking, as well as an intro guide that you can purchase.



This is another personal favorite.  She offers lots of great freebies. Many of these pages are geared to younger learners, from preschool through elementary age.  They have cute graphics, primary and basic line choices, and some even have writing prompts to help younger kids get started with notebooking.

You can also find notebooking pages in our store here!

Whether you’re a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, delight-directed, Classical, or any type of eclectic homeschooler, notebooking can fit nicely with your learning style and enhance your child’s independent learning skills.

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