Year Round Homeschoolers Can’t Be Afraid of Change

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No matter how much you research a homeschool curriculum, at some point you’re going to run into having purchased something either you or your children do not like or that simply doesn’t work for your homeschool.

It is important that you realize and accept this fact, so you don’t just push through curriculum that isn’t working. If you try to push through it your children will not want to do school and you’ll become frustrated and discouraged.

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As year round homeschoolers it is especially important that you not push through an entire year’s worth of curriculum that isn’t working. 365 days of using something that you and/or your kids don’t like will cause homeschool burnout and will wreck havoc in your home. It may even cause you to abandon a year round homeschooling schedule and the flexibility it provides or make you think about quitting homeschooling altogether.

Changing homeschool curriculum in the middle of the year is necessary at times. It can be scary, but often it is exactly what your homeschool needs. 

Homeschool moms must be willing to change in many ways if necessary. From entire curriculum changes to homeschooling method changes, to subject and topic changes and more, change is a part of every family’s homeschool journey.

All kids love to learn, but it can take time and it is often through trial and error that you find the right curriculum or homeschooling method for them. This is just one of the reasons that homeschoolers can’t be afraid of change.

In order for us to give our children the best, balanced education possible, we must be willing to change our homeschool whenever it is necessary. 

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Instead of looking at it as having to change your homeschool, think of it as an opportunity. Every chance we get to change something in our lives is an opportunity. Often these chances bring about better things for us…for our families.

If your child is struggling on a consistent basis or if you dread picking up a particular textbook, those are key signs that some part (or all?) of your homeschool needs a change. Take some time to figure out what exactly needs to be changed, don’t rush into an impulse purchase that you may soon regret.

Remember, change is often exactly what your homeschool needs to get a fresh start and renew the desire to learn in your children!

Year Round Homeschooling Tip #24

How will you use the opportunity to change your homeschool to better fit you and your family’s needs?

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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