Homeschooling is More Than Education

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All too often homeschool moms worry about the education that they are providing their children by homeschooling them. We forget the reason(s) that we began homeschooling in the first place and instead focus on staying on track, finding the best curriculum and ensuring they pass tests in preparation for the next homeschool year.

Homeschooling is More Than Education - By Misty Leask

Yet, deep down we know that homeschooling is more than education. We just lose sight of this truth along the way.

Take a moment and think about the reason(s) that led you to begin homeschooling.

Have you forgotten what joys and blessings can be found on your homeschool journey because your focus has been elsewhere?

Today I’m blessed to be sharing over at My Joy-Filled Life regarding the blessings of homeschooling beyond education. I hope you’ll stop by and that you are blessed.

Misty Leask from Year Round Homeschooling

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