How to Homeschool Middle School and Survive + Middle School Checklist

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You can homeschool middle school and not only survive, but thrive. These few years will give both you and your children the chance to build and strengthen your relationship while learning on your homeschooling journey. 

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Tweens face a lot of “new things” that are easier to deal with together in your own home. By giving your children the opportunity to be homeschooled through the tumultuous tween years, you’re giving them a gift — time to grow through it all at home. 

The next few years you’ll cover editing, analyzation, research, conversation and much more! You’ll see your children learn and grow leaps and bounds as they become their own person – with their own interests and hobbies. 

While your child’s academics are important to their education, it is equally (if not more) important that you help them learn how to navigate their emotions and articulate their feelings well during this time.

7 Tips for How to Homeschool Middle School

  • Organization

Your child will need to know how to organize things well in both high school and life on their own. Middle school is the perfect time to teach them how to organize. You can get started by having them help you plan their homeschool year, arrange their daily schedule and put their homeschool curriculum and resources together. 

  • Study Skills

Learning how to study is both needful and necessary for your student. Your tweens will need study skills to complete essays, exams, book reports and tests throughout middle and high school.

  • Emotional Stability

During the middle school years is when your child will likely start to experience extreme mood swings. They will not know how to process them or handle them on their own. It is essential that you make time in your days to help your child understand their emotions and work through them successfully.

  • Note-Taking

The key to note-taking is having the ability to recognize the important facts being shared. Once you learn how to pick up on these, you’ll need to find a quick way to take notes that you understand. Whether you use bullet points, take screenshots of lecture slides or use shorthand, note-taking is a skill that your child needs to develop. 

  • Focus Abilities

There comes a time when children have to learn how to slow down, pay attention and focus. Your child has probably already been practicing these skills, but middle school is the time when they need to know how to stop and focus. Dictation and narration are great ways to check how focused your child has been when being given instructions or directions. 

  • Research

Your child will need to complete detailed research projects during high school, so learning how to complete them in middle school is key. This is a great way to allow your child to study something that interests them! Have them pick a subject or topic and compile a research paper about it. 

  • Multi-Tasking

Life doesn’t often give you the freedom to just do one thing at a time. Teaching your middle schoolers how to multi-task is great preparation for high school and beyond. You can help them learn how to by assigning them projects to complete that can be done at the same time. For example; folding clothes while giving an oral report or washing dishes and listening to an audio lesson.

Homeschooling through middle school is a journey unlike any other. It will test and try you in more ways than you can count. Yet, the success that awaits both you and your child on the other side, is priceless. You both will come out stronger and closer than you were. Middle school homeschooling isn’t about surviving, it is about thriving. 

If your child is ready for middle school homeschooling, you’ll want to check out these free middle school homeschool resources because it shouldn’t break the bank. 

What is your best homeschooling middle school tip?




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