How to Battle an Overwhelmed Spirit

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Are you ready to battle feeling overwhelmed to find refreshment? I am NOT going to offer a solution to fix all your problems…especially since I am battling myself. Over this past year I have learned that my overwhelmed feelings are stronger when I am tired, which is when I tend to focus on all my failings.

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Time is precious to a homeschool mom. There is always something that actually needs to be done, not just things that we would like to do, but things that require our attention. So, since “free’ time is short in a homeschool mom’s days, the tips below will help bring a bit of refreshment to your life in just 30, 15 and 5 minutes a day!

5 Minutes to Refreshing an Overwhelmed Spirit

If all you have are these 5 minutes to find refreshment is by reading this blog post please know that you are not alone.

Take a few deep breaths. Breathe in….slow exhale…and again.

When you are so busy that you don’t know how you feel because you haven’t been still long enough to think about it, remember this…

God is more powerful than your feelings.

I know it is a simple truth, but when your mind is in battle and overwhelmed meditating on simple truths might be all you can do.

15 Minutes to Refreshing an Overwhelmed Spirit

Go take a shower! Water drowns out most of the noise in the house. Bonus! –>> If you need to cry…no one can hear you. Honestly I don’t care if you wash your hair because this moment is about you having a quiet moment to think and maybe even ask yourself what you are feeling.

If you need to write down any bright ideas or realizations while you’re in the shower I love my Aqua Notes. I use them to write simple truths on and meditate on them while I am in the shower.

Sometimes while I’m in the shower I imagine all my worries being washed down the drain while I chat out loud my thoughts.

There will be times that you feel like if you haven’t achieved a refreshment on the inside, but the shower will for sure help with refreshment on the outside.

30 Minutes to Refreshing an Overwhelmed Spirit

When my spirit is overwhelmed and I feel like I am drowing there is usually one thing that is making me feel crazy horrible.

Sometimes it is a crazy thing like a dirty lid on the trash can. I realize that no one cares if the trash can lid is dirty and with all the other things that need my attention this is clearly at the bottom of the list. Yet, every time I throw something away this visual reminds me of all the things I am struggling with.

Do you ever have these type of irrational thoughts? If so, Go tackle that one thing that is driving you up the wall.

When these type of thoughts hit me, I tackle what is bothering me and then tell myself that it is time to focus on the accomplishments of the day. Even if it is only a clean trash can lid.

For me, battling an overwhelmed spirit is a daily struggle, in fact I just survived a Year of Failings, so I strive to cling to refreshing moments as much as I can.

How do you battle an overwhelmed spirit?

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Guest Post by Stacey Lane
She has been married for 21 years and helps her husband battle life with COPD.
She has been homeschooling for 17 years. She has 2 kids in college and 1 kid in high school and 1 in middle school.
She works part-time for Bright Ideas Press.
She loves to share her creative homeschooling ideas at

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