January Writing Challenge

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Kick-off the new year with this January Writing Challenge that will be helpful to your struggling writers and fun for your authors!

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Writing is a subject that many children find challenging. It can be because they don’t know where to start, grammar struggles, handwriting difficulties and more.

While it may not be your child’s favorite subject, writing is one they will need throughout their lives. 

I was blessed with both a child that loved to write as well as one with would rather be doing laundry. 

My son didn’t enjoy most of the writing assignments I gave him throughout his homeschooling years, but I’m thankful I didn’t make it easier on him. 

In his freshman year of college, he ended up with the hardest English professor on campus. At the end of the semester, he walked away with an A in her class. 

This January Writing Challenge resource can be used any year as it is undated. Each day your child will be given a challenge to write about something specifically.

A few examples of the writing challenges included are; what does your dream house look like, if you were a snowman how would you spend your day and write a review of the last movie you watched.

You’ll find monthly challenges for the entire year here in my store. 

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