Memories Challenge

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A year always seems like a long time in January. Yet, by the time Thanksgiving arrives, it seems to have flown by. This Memories Challenge will encourage you to look back and the memories you have of the last year. 

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Every year has its challenges. Some more difficult than others. 

However, each year is filled with memories that we want to remember forever. We just have to take the time to recall them. 

The busyness of our days often keeps us from feeling like we can stop even for one moment.

I encourage you to take one moment a day this month and look back over the year.

Embrace the joys. Learn from the struggles. 

They say specific memories last a lifetime, but as I get older I’ve found that isn’t always true. 

I’m a very visual person, so I do best “remembering” when I see something – a picture, school project, book, etc. 

Discover how you remember best and in the coming year, take extra steps to record specific memories that you do want to last a lifetime. 

Our lives are filled with beauty. We are made stronger through the challenges we face. 

We need to remember the beauty and strength of our years. 

The beauty of a little one’s first step. A beautiful ballerina dancing for her daddy in PJs. 

A woman’s strength from tremendous heartbreak. The strength gained through financial struggles. 

Each moment of beauty and struggle in our lives has a specific purpose. There are no surprises in God’s plans for our lives. 

While we may not see the purpose or plan in the midst of each day or even each year, God does and His ways are always perfect. 

This Memories Challenge was designed to be an encouragement to you. To help you remember all that God has given and brought you through this year. 

It will add an extra thing for you to do each day. However, I’m certain that taking that moment will bless you bountifully in years to come. 

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