Middle School Health: Personal Hygiene Unit

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When kids hit middle school it becomes very important for them to take responsibility for many things. That includes their personal hygiene. This Middle School Health Personal Hygiene Unit is designed to help your tweens understand their bodies, why it is important to take care of them and how to do so on a daily basis. 

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I designed my middle school health curriculum, Living Healthy, to resemble an online unit study with the addition of a workbook with questions for your tweens to answer to help encourage conversation with you. 

Middle School Health: Personal Hygiene is the first unit that your students will complete. This is the first step they’ll make on their journey taking responsibility for their own health. 

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If you’d like to use the workbook, you can download it at the bottom of this page. 

Middle School Health: Personal Hygiene Unit

Lesson One: The Importance of Personal Hygiene

As you’re nearing the teenage years of your life, it is becoming increasingly important that you understand the importance of personal hygiene.

This week you’ll discover what personal hygiene is, why it is important, basic personal hygiene tips and more.

Sometimes you may not notice that you need to be more intentional about your personal hygiene habits, so it is important to listen to family and friends that may be reminding you to take care of yourself.

Personal hygiene takes only a few minutes a day. Starting a daily hygiene routine will greatly benefit you and your health throughout your life.

What is Personal Hygiene?

What is the Importance of Personal Hygiene?

What is Personal Grooming?

The Importance of Good Personal Hygiene

Hygiene Basics

Tween Boy Hygiene

Good Hygiene (Video)

Hygiene Tips for Girls (Video)

Hygiene Health Quiz for Teens

Additional Study Resources

Personal Hygiene

Free Personal Hygiene Tracking Chart

Personal Hygiene Activity Pack

Lesson Two: The Basics of Skin Care and The Basics of Hair Care

Learning how to properly care for your skin and your hair is important for the health of your skin and hair.

When setting up a daily personal hygiene routine these are two key steps in ensuring that your body is clean and ready for your day.

As you’re growing up your skin needs to be cleaned daily to prevent issues with acne, body odor and more.

Your hair will need to be washed often to ensure that it doesn’t become greasy. How often your hair needs to be washed is dependent on your hair type, its oil content, etc.

Taking Care of Your Skin

What’s Sweat?

Dos and Don’ts of Skin Care

Skin and Hair Tips for Teen Girls

Your Hair

What is Dandruff?

Hair Care Tips for Teens

How to Take Care of Oily Hair

Basic Hair Care for Teens

Skin Care Tips for Teens (Video)

Skincare Routine for Teenagers: Dry & Acne Prone Skin (Video)

Skincare Morning Routine for Teens (Video)

Skincare Night Routine for Teens (Video)

Hair Care Routine (Video)

Skin Quiz

Skin Type Quiz

Hair Quiz

Healthy Hair Quiz

Hair Care Quiz

Additional Study Resources

Skincare Routine Worksheet

Skin Labeling Activity

Lesson Three: The Basics of Oral Care and The Basics of Ear Care

Taking care of your teeth and your ears is essential for your longtime health. You are only given one set of adult teeth and one pair of ears for your entire life, so how you care for them both today is extremely important.

It’s important to take care of your mouth properly, because if you don’t you may struggle with bad breath. You may not even notice it, but when you’re speaking to someone, they will be aware of your bad breath.

Your ears can become unsightly and ear infections may become a problem if you don’t care for them properly as well.

This week you’ll learn all about the basics of oral and ear care. Both of these should become part of your daily personal hygiene routine if they aren’t already.

All About Bad Breath

Your Tongue

About Your Teeth

Taking Care of Your Teeth

Looking After Your Teeth

All About Your Ears

What’s Earwax?

Swimmer’s Ear

Taking Care of Your Ears

Preventing and Treating Ear Infections

How to Brush Your Teeth (Video)

How to Floss Your Teeth (Video)

Keeping Your Ears Healthy (Video)

How to Remove Earwax at Home (Video)

Teeth Quiz

Tongue Quiz

Ear Quiz

Additional Study Resources

Tooth Labeling Worksheet

Taste Tracker Worksheet

Free How to Brush Your Teeth Activity Pack

Protect Your Hearing Crossword Puzzle

Protect Your Hearing Word Search

The Human Ear Diagram

The Human Ear Labeling Worksheet

Lesson Four: The Basics of Nasal Care and The Basics of Nail Care

This week you’ll learn how to properly care for and clean your nose and your nails as part of your daily personal hygiene routine.

Taking care of your nose and ensuring that it is clean throughout the day will help you from encountering embarrassing moments.

Ensuring your nails are trim and clean may seem like a step that you can skip as part of your daily personal hygiene routine, but you shouldn’t.

Your nose and nails are the final two steps of your personal hygiene routine we’ll cover as part of this health class, but just because they are last doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

All About Your Nose

How to Take Care of Your Nose

Cleaning Nasal Passages with Salt Water

What’s a Booger?

How to Stop Picking Your Nose

All About Your Nails

What’s Wrong with Biting Your Nails?

Tips for Healthy Nails

Easy Nail Care Tips for Men

Tips for Cutting Your Toenails

Basic Nail Care Tutorial (Video)

Men’s Home Manicure (Video)

Nose Quiz

Nail Quiz

Additional Study Resources

Nose and Tongue Parts and Functions Worksheet

Nail Labeling Worksheet

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