Middle School Health: Puberty Unit

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Puberty. It happens to everyone, but that doesn’t matter to your tween. It is happening to them and that’s all that matters. This Middle School Health Puberty unit will help them understand what puberty is, how to handle changes coming their way and more. 

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My middle school health curriculum, Living Healthy, kicks off with Personal Hygiene, Nutrition and Fitness being the first three units. The curriculum was designed to resemble an online unit study with the addition of a workbook with questions for your tweens to answer to help encourage conversation with you.

Note to parents, please check all links prior to allowing your child to access the internet to ensure they have not changed and keep in mind that all videos should be inspected prior to viewing to ensure you deem it’s appropriate for your child.

If you’d like to use the workbook, you can download it at the bottom of this page. 

Middle School Health: Puberty

Lesson One: Getting Ready for Puberty

Getting ready for puberty is important because there are changes coming to your body and life. By being aware of what is coming will help you understand when things do change and it will keep you from being worried or scared about the changes.

This week you’ll be learning all about the stages of puberty, the changes that will come with these stages, when to expect them and more.

If you have any questions during or after your lessons, be sure to talk to your mom or dad. They know all about puberty as well and can answer any questions you may have.

All About Puberty


Girls and Puberty

Just for Girls

Puberty Changes for Girls

Boys and Puberty

Just for Boys

Puberty Changes for Boys

What are the Stages of Puberty? (Video)

All About Boys Puberty (Video)

Puberty for Boys (Video)

Decoding Puberty in Girls (Video)

Additional Study Resources

Puberty Pre-Test

Puberty Fact Sheet for Boys

Puberty Fact Sheet for Girls

Always Changing Word Search

Scrambled Words 

Lesson Two: Here Come the Changes

This week you’ll be learning a bit more in-depth about some of the changes that will be coming your way during puberty. After last week’s lesson you’re sure to have some questions about the details surrounding these changes, hopefully, this week some (or all) of your questions will be answered.

Remember, all of the changes you’re feeling are normal. Your body will go through the different stages of puberty in its own time and at its own pace. If you feel overwhelmed with the changes happening in your life make sure you reach out to your mom or dad and talk about them. Pushing your feelings aside will only make things more difficult, talking with your parents will help you understand and process the changes better.

What is Shaving?

What’s Sweat?


Is it Safe to Shave Pubic Hair?

What is Discharge?

Breasts and Bras

All About Periods

5 Things Girls Want to Know About Their Period

When Will I Get My Period?

All About Period Cramps

What’s the Difference Between Pads and Tampons?

Always Changing Puberty Education for Girls (Video)

Am I Normal? (Video)


How to Shave + Shaving Tips

Your Changing Voice

What’s an Adam’s Apple?

What are Wet Dreams?

Can I Stop Myself from Having Wet Dreams?

Always Changing Puberty Education for Boys (Video)

What Boys Want to Know About Puberty (Video)

Additional Study Resources

Taking Care of Yourself

A Changing You

Lesson Three: Body Odor and Acne Management

This week you’ll be learning about body odor, acne and the management of both of these changes in your body. Taking care of your body during puberty is the best way to keep yourself healthy and it will make the changes easier to handle as they come along.

Body odor is different for everyone. Some people struggle with it more than others, but it’s important to understand how body odor works and how you can manage it because it can show up for many different reasons throughout your life.

Acne also varies from person to person. You may not have terrible acne, but there are other teens that will struggle with it greatly. Take time to learn about acne and how to manage it because it too can show up at any time in your life.

Body Odor

What’s Sweat?

What Can I Do About Sweating?

Why Do My Palms Always Feel Sweaty?

When to Start Wearing Deodorant

Help Your Tween Conquer Body Odor


All About Acne

What Causes Pimples?

Why Do I Get Acne?

What Can I Do About Acne?

Skin Food Acne

Natural Remedies for Teen Acne

Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin

Why Does Body Odor Smell So Bad? (Video)

Why Do I Stink? (Video)

What Causes Teen Acne? (Video)

How to Get Rid of Pimples for Teenagers (Video)

Additional Study Resources

True or False: Puberty Myths and Facts 

Taking Care of Yourself

A Changing You

Post Puberty Test

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