Middle School Health: Fitness

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Fitness is important to your health, but getting tweens to understand why we want them to get up and move isn’t always easy. This Middle School Health Fitness Unit will teach your tweens both why and how adding fitness to their days is essential!

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My middle school health curriculum, Living Healthy, kicks off with Personal Hygiene and Nutrition being the first two units. The curriculum was designed to resemble an online unit study with the addition of a workbook with questions for your tweens to answer to help encourage conversation with you.

Note to parents, please check all links prior to allowing your child to access the internet to ensure they have not changed and keep in mind that all videos should be inspected prior to viewing to ensure you deem it’s appropriate for your child.

If you’d like to use the workbook, you can download it at the bottom of this page. 

Middle School Health: Fitness Unit

Lesson One: The Importance of Fitness

As you’re getting older the importance of daily fitness increases. Daily fit-ness is possible through all of the seasons, weather and wherever you live.

Take some time to think about how much physical exercise you get right now and guess how much you might need before you begin this week’s lessons. At the end of the week see how close or how far off you were in order to determine the changes you’ll need to make in your daily fitness routine.

This week you’ll learn why you need to ensure you have physical exercise every day, how much you should have and more!

Kids and Exercise

Keeping Kids Active

Benefits of Physical Activity for Kids

Ways to Encourage a Love of Fitness in Your Kids

Fitness Test

Essential Physical Fitness: What Every Teen Needs to Know (Video)

Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School (Video)

Outdoor Activity and Kids Health (Video)

Raising Fit Kids Quiz

Physical Education Quiz

Additional Study Resources

Fitness Puzzles

Lesson Two: Exercise 101

Learning how to exercise daily can be difficult if it’s something you’ve never done or had never been consistent in doing. Figuring out what type of exercises you need to do, which ones you like to do, how to do them and how often is just as important as starting a daily fitness routine.

As you’re growing your body and muscles need to be exercised more consistently and playing outside doesn’t always provide the level of activity that your growing body needs.

This week you’ll learn about what types of exercise your body needs, how to exercise properly and see a few fitness routines that can help get you started with your own daily fitness routine.

Easy Exercises for Teens

Exercise and Fitness

Teen Workout Plan

Why Exercise is Wise

Be a Fit Kid

Strength Training for Teens

What if I Don’t Like Sports?

PE Workout (Video)

20 Minute Gym Class Workout (Video)

Am I Doing Enough Physical Activity Quiz

Benefits of Physical Activity

Supplemental Forms of Physical Activity Quiz

Physical Activity Attitude Survey

Additional Resources

At-Home Physical Education Packet

Printable Game Exercise Cards

Physical Activity Log

Lesson Three: Making Fitness Fun

Your daily fitness routine can be as fun as you want it to be. You don’t have to do the same thing every day or even every week. Once you’ve started a daily fitness routine you’ll find different ways to add fitness to your day that you enjoy!

Fitness does not have to be all about working out, you can stay busy and exercise at the same time as having fun!

This week you’ll learn about ways you can add fitness to your days that are actually lots of fun!

10 Tips to Make Fitness Fun 

Your Fitness Personality

Keeping Fitness Fun: What to Look for in a Teen Fitness Program

Fun Workouts for Teens

Beginner Workout (Video)

Starter Workout (Video)

What Your Fitness Personality Quiz

What’s Your Workout Personality Quiz

Additional Resources

Weekly Fitness Planner

Health and Fitness Weekly Tracker

Monthly Fitness Tracker

Lesson Four: Indoor and Outdoor Activities

This is the last week you’ll be learning about fitness and at the end of the week, it’s time to put everything that you’ve learned this month to work!

There are times when you can’t get outside to work out because of the weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t complete a daily fitness routine! This week you’ll learn about fun exercises that you can do indoors!

Outdoor fitness routines can be a lot of fun too! You’ll discover that you don’t have to visit the gym in order to be fit throughout the entire year!

Fitness can be fun and it is essential to your health, don’t put off a daily fitness routine, get started today!

Indoor Physical Activities

25 Indoor Exercise Activities

Top 15 Fun Indoor Games for Teens

Fun Ways to Work Out Outside

Workout in the Park Ideas

30 Minutes Workout (Video)

Yoga Basics for Teens (Video)

20 Minute Workout (Video)

Full Body Workout (Video)

Individual Exercise Videos

Additional Resources

Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Physical Activity Log

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