Middle School Summer Learning Collection

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I’ve learned that by continuing my children’s education through the long days of summer they actually retain more of what they’ve learned throughout the homeschool year. That’s why even as my children became tweens I still found ways to make middle school summer learning fun so that they would want to continue homeschooling in the summer. 

To be honest, I’ve loved homeschooling through the summertime since we first became year round homeschoolers. There are so many possibilities for learning outside while enjoying the sunshine! 

As our children get older it can be more challenging to engage them in summer learning. They long for the freedom to sleep in, listen to music and just do their own thing. However, I believe it is important we still provide them with ways to continue learning in a less structured manner during the summertime. 

Our middle school summer learning often includes hikes, movie nights, science experiments, afternoon game marathons and quiet time reading quality literature. Homeschooling in the summer should include as many enjoyable activities as possible that can be included as part of your child’s education. 

It is essential that your tweens see summertime homeschooling as a fun activity. They’ve reached a time in their lives that they want the freedom to choose things that they would like to do.

Try spending an afternoon chatting with your tweens and ask what they would enjoy doing over the summer. Then take that information and discover ways that you can incorporate those things into your middle school summer learning. 

I created a Middle School Summer Learning Collection that will allow your tweens to have a bit of freedom like they’d like and still spend time learning over the summer. It is full of fun and educational activities that they will enjoy! 

Middle School Summer Learning Collection

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  • Features

Your tweens will have fun learning all summer with this collection! This Middle School Summer Learning Collection is filled with more than 130 pages of fun and educational activities! They’ve been placed into 8 individual packs for ease of use. You can easily pick and choose the activities that your children want and skip those that they don’t need or won’t enjoy.

There are tons of activities to keep your tweens busy learning all summer long! Inside you’ll find over 100 pages including… 

    • Literature Pages
    • Creative Writing Exercises
    • Vocabulary Activities
    • Math Resources
    • Copywork Sheets
    • Nature Projects
    • Spelling Practice
    • and lots more fun stuff!
  • Benefits

You can encourage your tweens to keep learning this summer by providing them with fun activities designed just for them. They’ll discover that you can have fun and learn at the same time! It really is a win-win situation – for you, the homeschool parent and them, the homeschool kid. 

The Middle School Summer Learning Collection is filled with everything you need to give your tweens a fun-filled summer of learning! 

Your tweens won’t even realize that they’re “doing school” when completing the activities inside this collection. They’ll be too busy having playing games and learning in fun new ways! 

  • Pricing

$7 for the entire Middle School Summer Learning Collection!

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