Homeschool Music Curriculum Round Up

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Not everyone is musically inclined, thankfully there are plenty of homeschool music curriculum options available for anyone to use! 

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Have you considered the benefits of teaching music in your homeschool? Most of the time when you think of a music class, you find yourself wondering what instrument your child is going to play. Yet, there is so much more to music than just learning how to play an instrument.

Twenty years ago, not only was homeschool a foreign word but there was nothing out there. Back then you’d find very little curriculum and even less support. Now with homeschooling on the rise, the choices are limitless and there are support groups and co-ops everywhere.

Music class can be intimidating. 

What if I can’t sing a lick?

What if I don’t know A from D?

Have no fear! There are some amazing music curriculum choices out there for every level of teacher and student. There is also a wide range of price points available to choose from too. From {free} to hundreds of dollars, there is a music curriculum to meet your needs. 

Homeschool Music Curriculum Resources


Music in Our Homeschool currently features 11 different online music courses. They offer music appreciation, music history, 15-minute music lessons and more! 

Price Point – $17+


Schoolhouse Teachers features music courses such as; violin, music theory 1 and 2, voice, guitar, music history and much more! When you sign up you’ll gain access to more than 100 courses that ALL of your children can use! 

Price Point – $19.95/month or $179/year




Mary, from Homegrown Learners, has created a wonderful Music Appreciation program called SQUILT. If you subscribe to her blog, you will be notified of new products and FREEBIES as she releases them.

Grade Level – Elementary-Middle School

Price Point – $12 (Digital/Online Curriculum)



This online music program is designed for children up to 1st grade. The class lengths vary from 5-25 minutes long. You’ll find more than 400 musical activities, games, interactive stories, instrument identification and much more in this program. 

Grade Level – Baby-1st Grade

Price Point – $35.97+



Even though this is a web-based lesson program, I have heard rave reviews about it. The piano lessons are simple, easy and at home. They are fairly short – no more than 10 minutes – and very fun for the kids. They can learn piano at home on their time and schedule. Some weeks you may have time for multiple lessons, while other weeks you can only do one. The reviews I’ve read say kids are begging to do these.

Price Point – $299 (Online Curriculum/Lifetime Membership)



MacPhail Center for Music offers online private music lessons from piano to violin to guitar and MORE! They even have a Homeschool Students Package and rate!!

Price Point – $114+ (4 Online Individual Music Lessons)



Hoffman Academy offers FREE Online Piano Lessons and I have heard great things about them as well. They have 100 free lessons, which may be a perfect way to get started and make sure these are something your children will stick with before you pay for lessons. This is a great option for beginners and younger children.

Price Point – FREE


Guitar 360 features self-paced, online video courses teaching the What, How and Why surrounding playing the guitar. Lessons include music theory, ear training, bonus songs, quizzes and more!

Price Point – $49+ (They also offer a 14 day 100% money-back guarantee.) 

  • Prodigies 


Designed for Preschoolers to learn music through interactive, educational & fun music lessons. This video series teaches children how to sing in tune, early instrument performance, pitch, rhythm and more! 

Price Point – $13.39/month (There is a 7-day free trial you can check out first!) 


Maestro Classics using classical music and stories to inspire a love for music in each member of your family. Their resources are available on CDs and Mp3 and they also offer free curriculum guides, puzzles, games and more! 

Price Point – $9.98+


Vocal Coach is a CD-based program and it features two options for voice music lessons in your homeschool. Their ‘Teach Kids to Sing’ program is designed for students from the age of 5 through 6th grade. ‘Vocal Coach Singer’ is geared towards your middle and high school students. 

Price Point – $9.99+

Additional Homeschool Music Resources

Below are some great resources for incorporating music into your homeschool via copywork, printables, lapbooks, podcasts and more!

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Composer Studies are a great way to teach your kids about the person behind the music they know and love! You’ll find these resources for the composers listed below in our store here

  • J.S. Bach
  • Chopin
  • Brahms
  • Edward Elgar
  • Dvorak
  • Frank Liszt
  • Scott Joplin
  • Joseph Haydn
  • Beethoven
  • Schubert
  • Richard Wagner
  • Tchaikovsky
  • Leroy Anderson
  • Sergei Prokofiev
  • Handel

Let’s Play Kids Music has some free Nursery Rhyme sheet music printables and free Music Theory printables (scroll to the bottom) that are a great way to introduce music to your children and teach some basic theory as well.


Homeschool Share has some great and {FREE} Lapbooks for music on their site. If you’re a fan of lapbooks and even if you’re not, you should check these out!


Susan Paradis has some great freebies on her site that will help you teach music in your homeschool.

cropped-banner-poppies-white has some fun lessons available for iProducts.


Classics for Kids is another great online resource. They have a monthly composer to focus on via podcast, as well as online games for kids!


If you have young kids, you can find some fun instrument coloring pages at Light Up Your Brain!


*Please note that the pricing was current at the time this post was written. Always check pricing before checking out.*

Getting started with music in your homeschool is just like any other subject – you have to just do it!

Yes, it may feel strange or uncomfortable at first, but it will get easier and as a bonus…you will be learning alongside them, which I think is so fun!

Do you teach music in your homeschool? What are your favorite resources?

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