Sheet Music Pages

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Musical composition is a fun way to cover music in your homeschool. These blank sheet music pages can help! It all starts with a little bit of tinkering and the next thing you know, a composer has been born.

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Music has a voice of its own. Composers are able to communicate without the use of words.

What your kids have to “say” might surprise you! Who knows, you might be raising the next great composer! A homeschooled one – like Mozart. 

You can encourage your children to share what they’re thinking and/or feeling through musical composition!

When I was in high school, my piano teacher was also a homeschooler. He was extremely talented both as a pianist and as a composer. 

He actually wrote one of my favorite piano pieces and named it after me because I loved it so much. 

For years I had his handwritten sheet music for that piece and played it often. 

Unfortunately, in the midst of one of my many moves, I lost it. I can still play the first few lines of the piece but have forgotten most of it. 

Blank sheet music is an easy and frugal way to give your children the opportunity to try their hand at composing music of their own.

These free sheet music pages include options for both younger and older students. 

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