Ocean Explorers: An Ocean Unit Study

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The ocean is my favorite place to be. I’m extremely blessed to live at the lake, but I miss the sea tremendously. The sound, smells and sights…there is nothing like them. This ocean unit study will bring the sea to you! 

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As a Navy Brat, I’m used to being close to the ocean. I can not imagine not living close to a coast. While the Maine coast is nothing like the Texas coast, the ocean is still the same. 

Before we started our family business, my husband was a full-time commercial fisherman. The ocean was part of our everyday life. 

My children grew up visiting dad on the boat, taking walks along the seashore and organizing/cleaning up the fishing gear.

Not everyone has been able to visit the ocean and experience it firsthand. Perhaps that is the case for you and your family. I truly hope that someday you will the ocean is something I believe everyone should experience once in their lifetime. 

Completing a study of the ocean as part of your homeschool is important. Your children need to know how much life is found at the sea! 

Through Ocean Explorers: An Ocean Unit Study your kids will learn about the beach, marine life, seashells, sand and MUCH more! Inside you’ll find 8 lessons, review questions, a beach journal, ocean activity pages and MUCH more!

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