Weather Unit Study

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Learning about the different types of weather is a great study for year round homeschoolers. One of the reasons I love year round homeschooling is because it gives children the opportunity to learn about things when they actually happen. This Weather Unit Study is a great resource for studying weather all year long. 

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I can remember the first time my kids came across snow in a textbook, in the middle of summer. How can you learn about snow in June? How can you learn about hurricanes in January?

The best way for children to learn is through experiences. Being able to use as many of their senses as possible makes learning come to life. 

The weather follows seasons, so you can actually teach your children about each type of weather when it is happening. 

It is unlikely that you’ll experience every type of weather where you live. However, you can easily find examples on the national news, YouTube or by asking friends and family that live in other places.

Studying the weather through this Weather Unit Study will include research, weather tracking and fun weather themed learning activities.

Through this Weather Unit Study, your children will learn about clouds and the water cycle, notebooking pages for types of weather and much more.

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