Over Planned Year Round Homeschool Days

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We start out each homeschool year with grand plans to teach our children all of these wonderful, amazing things throughout the school year, but it quickly can become a tiresome, frustrating homeschool year if are not careful. A homeschool mom’s excitement to teach her children, often must be reigned in a bit to ensure that they do not have over planned homeschool days.

One of the biggest reasons that homeschoolers do not attempt a year round homeschooling schedule is because they fear that they will become burned out.

over planned year round homeschool days, over planned homeschool days


The key to not being a burnt out year round homeschooler is to avoid over planned year round homeschool days. We must always remember that as year round homeschoolers we have 365 days to complete our homeschool year, there is NO reason to over plan and frustrate ourselves and children.

The easiest way to avoid over planned year round homeschool days is to remember that we do not have to teach every subject every day…or even every week! This is extremely important to year round homeschoolers. If we were to try to teach every subject every day or even every week, we would end up not having time to truly enjoy homeschooling and all the blessings that come with it. We must ensure that we leave margin in our days to allow our kids to play and give us the opportunity to rest or take care of other responsibilities that come with motherhood and/or marriage.

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Reading, Math and English are three important subjects that should be taught 3-5 days a week. It is important that our children are able to communicate both in speech and in writing and mathematics are a part of every day life. We must not neglect these three subjects, but beyond this stipulation we need to ensure that our year round homeschool days are flexible and not over planned.

Year Round Homeschooling Tip #5

How you choose to divide teaching all of the different subjects to your children is up to you. Whether you choose to tackle them weekly, monthly, quarterly or all at once yearly is up to you! That is the beauty of homeschooling, how you homeschool is your choice and as year round homeschoolers there are even more choices available to you because you have no time constraints!

Don’t limit yourself as a year round homeschooler by following a “typical” school schedule, arrange your homeschool days the way that you and your children want and need!

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